Anti-AgeingVirtual Workshop: Anti-Ageing Skincare Webinar

This workshop aimed to enlighten consumers on the principles of anti-aging skn care regiments based on the latest scientific evidence and offer practical tips rooted in science on managing ageing skin. It was held on 30 January 2021.

The event contributed a total of RM443.22 to UTAR Hospital.


dual_1e-Fundraising with Dual Blessing Bhd

Hello guys! We are UTAR students who are doing our Social Entrepreneur project currently. The aim of the project is to help the needy community, Dual Blessing Bhd to sell their products and raise funds for UTAR Hospital.

We are selling two products which are:
👉Toothbrush RM30 per box (6pcs)
👉Bak Kut Teh soup spices RM18 per pack
👉All the profit gained will be donated to UTAR Hospital. Kindly fill in the Google Form below for purchasing the products.

We also looking for lovely angels and great angels to make donations for at least 6 months.
👉Lovely angel RM9.90 per month
👉Great angel RM99.00 per month
The donation of lovely angels and great angels for the first month will donate to UTAR Hospital while the donation for the remaining months will donate to Dual Blessing Bhd. Kindly fill in the Google Form below for the donation.
👉 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScmwV_1IVf8BNpW2cFYSuFH-A-kMZSSLYyv9td4iLlKPcmMxg/viewform?usp=sf_link

We need your support!
Please support us!
Your support will warm up the world!
Thank you!!

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)e-Fundraising - Richies

Hi, we are students currently taking MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project. We are doing an E-Commerce mini business to raise fund for UTAR hospital and DAMAI disability organisation Malaysia. All the profit will be donated, 50% to UTAR Hospital and 50% to DAMAI. Here are our products.

Please grab one of it if you like it. If you are interested, you may visit https://www.facebook.com/Richies-110954384155194 to place order and get more information about DAMAI disability organisation Malaysia.

We appreciate if you could help us to share and like this facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Richies-110954384155194


yourhopewecare_1e-Fundraising - Your Hope We Care

Craving for snacks when you are at home? Want to stay healthy even when you are eating snacks? We are offering you an opportunity to enjoy healthy snacks and at the same time giving social support to a needy community and contributing to UTAR Hospital.

We are students from MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project and we are having a project to help out House of Joy (Children's Home) and raise funds for UTAR Hospital. House of Joy is a non-profit charitable home that administers shelter and care to orphans, underprivileged teens and old folks. For this project, we are doing a micro e-commerce business and selling healthy snacks and drinks. All profit earned from this project will be fully donated to House of Joy and UTAR Hospital.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through our Instagram account for more information and ordering. You may also refer to the attached poster to check out our information and products offered.

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/yourhopewecare/

Feel free to visit the House of Joy's Facebook page to know more about their daily operations and financial situation.

House of Joy (FB): https://www.facebook.com/house.of.joy.childrens.home/

Thank you for your kind support!


Students from MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project
Supported by Department of Soft Skills Competency

coffeee-Fundraising with Coffee

Dear UTAR staffs and students,

A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it. ☕

Hi, we are students from MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project who are currently doing a project to help the community which is Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled. Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled is a charity organization that provides services to meet different needs of the local disabled community. The profit gained from the business will be donated to Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled and UTAR Hospital Project.

The products that we sell are coffee beans (200g) and drip bag coffee (5 sachets or 10 sachets) which are fully done by the disabled members of Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled. The prices of the coffee are:

Beautiful Gate Premium Drip Bag Coffee (5 sachets) RM30
Beautiful Gate Premium Drip Bag Coffee (10 sachets) RM50
Beautiful Gate Premium Roasted Coffee Beans (200g) RM45

🚛 The delivery fee is RM15 flat rate to West and East Malaysia
🚛 Free delivery for those purchase the coffee above RM120

You can invite your friends to buy the coffee beans or drip bag coffee together in order to get free delivery!

For more details, check us out on

Facebook ➪ https://www.facebook.com/Coffee-Beans-Everyday-106441964616202
Instagram ➪ @coffeebeans_everyday

What are you waiting for? Fill in the google form below to place order now!


Thanks for your support and kindness!


Students form MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project
Supported by Department of Soft Skills Competency

e-Fundraising with United Voice

Hi UTAR Staffs and Students,

We are selling some craft products for the purpose of fundraising. We are great to collaborate with United Voice, which is a Self-Advocacy Society of Persons with Learning Disabilities in Petaling Jaya, Selangor The craft products are supplied by United Voice. Therefore, United Voice will gain from the sales and the remaining profit will be fully donate to UTAR hospital. We are seeking for your valuable support. Your support is needed and truly appreciated. For more enquiries, please feel free to contact us. You may dm me for buying the products.

If you are interested to know about United Voice, here are the links of United Voice:



Students form MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project
Supported by Department of Soft Skills Competency

Virtual International Culture Performance 2020Virtual International Culture Performance 2020

Feeling Bored? Stressful with the upcoming exam during this pandemic? Nothing to do on this weekend?

Here we are students from MPU34152 Leadership and Teambuilding in collaboration with MPU34022 Arts and Cultural Performance will be organized an event which is titled, "Virtual International Culture Performance 2020" for two days.

There are 20 performances from various culture around the world ranging from short films, dances, singing to cooking tutorials. You will achieve two things at one stroke as you will be contributing funds to UTAR Hospital at Kampar while joining this event. We look forward to your participation.

The details are as following :

Date & Time : 21st Nov 2020 (10am - 4pm) and 22nd November 2020 (10am - 12pm)
Online Platform : Microsoft Teams
Fee : RM5

USSDC Points will be awarded.

Register at https://forms.gle/ZVPmMnt1JXGmvBze7 or scan the QR code at the poster.

What are you waiting for? Do grab this opportunity to join this meaningful event and explore various cultures around the globe while staying at home. See you there!

Contact us for any inquiries
016-960 7556 (Tze Sin)
018-255 3830 (Poh Ling)

Students from MPU34152 Leadership and Teambuilding & MPU34022 Arts and Culture Performance
Supported by Department of Soft Skills Competency

Email Virtual Workshop: Email Etiquette for Everyone

A virtual workshop aimed at providing the participants with hands-on skills on how to impart positive vibes and professionalism in their emails. The workshop was held on 21 November 2020.

The event contributed a total of RM877 to the UTAR Hospital.


Peacock RunUTAR Peacock Virtual Run

Poster-Logo-and-Tshirt-Design-Competition-2020Logo and T-Shirt Design Competition 2020

Logo and T-Shirt Design Competition 2020 is an online event organised by the UTAR Physiotherapy Society. Every UTAR Physiotherapy student is welcomed to participate by submitting their self-created logo and t-shirt design to the person-in-charge through email from 12 October to 2 November 2020. The event is held with the intention to obtain a brand-new logo and t-shirt for the Physiotherapy Society members, which would enhance the image of UTAR Department of Physiotherapy as a dynamic and evolving sector. Besides, this event also intends to create an environment for the seniors and freshmen to mix and mingle as well as building their social network.  

The best logo and t-shirt design will be selected by the Physiotherapy students via voting on UTAR Physiotherapy Students Network Facebook Page. The best logo and t-shirt design will then be used as the society’s official logo and t-shirt. The two selected winners will be awarded cash prizes. Moreover, the best t-shirt design will be printed and sold to Physiotherapy students. All the profit received from selling the t-shirt will be donated to UTAR Hospital.

Beyond-Boundaries-Virtual-Run-2020Beyond Boundaries – Virtual Run 2020

The fundraising event was jointly organised by the students of the MPU34132 Management of Sports Activity together with Lions Club of Ipoh Midtown, the virtual run aimed to create a platform for UTAR students as well as the members of the public to connect virtually during the pandemic as well as to raise funds for the UTAR Hospital. The event was held via a virtual platform from 3 August to 23 August 2020 and it was supported by DSSC, Department of Student Affairs (DSA) and Urbax Sdn Bhd.

This event contributed a total of RM16,131.90 to UTAR Hospital.


SRCSRC-SL Campus 2019/2020 donated RM18,000


First AidBasic First Aid Course

As one of the requirements under the subject MPU34152 Leadership and Teambuilding, the Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) and UTAR students held an online basic first aid course for UTAR students and staff.

Held on 18 July 2020, the course aimed to equip participants with the knowledge to address minor injuries and highlight the importance of first aid knowledge in daily lives.

This event contributed a total of RM130.00 to the UTAR Hospital.

DMASDMAS Night 2020

DMAS Night Infinity 7 was not a typical gala night. With sharp tuxedos and beautiful dresses, the guests of the night did not only feast their palate and sight but also their mind. With the theme ‘There’s always one truth’, the guests of the gala night were placed in the shoes of a detective, solving cases, one at a time. With the aim to strengthen the bonds between students and staff of Department of Mathematical and Actuarial Sciences (DMAS), the event was organised by Actuarial Science Society and Mathematics Society at UTAR Sungai Long Campus on 16 February 2020.

This event contributed a total of RM762.64 to UTAR Hospital.


awarenessAwareness Campaign 2020

It was all about spreading awareness at the Awareness Campaign 2020, held at UTAR Sungai Long Campus on 21 and 22 January 2020. Organised by the Counselling and Guidance Unit from the Department of Student Affairs, the annual campaign sought to increase awareness on issues related to the daily lives of students and young adults. This year’s event saw three talks focusing on the importance of sleep, managing dysmenorrhea and breast cancer awareness. Similar to the previous year’s campaign, a sharing session called Life Journey Café was also held.

This event contributed a total of RM120.00 to UTAR Hospital.


new_villageNew Village E-commerce project - CNY hamper & product sales

This project contributed a total of RM2299.80 to UTAR Hospital.



The Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) collaborated with Japanese Culture Club to organise “Mottainai” which means “Say NO to Waste” in Japanese. The event aimed to promote SDG goals among students and staff through Japanese culture as well as acting as a platform for exchanging ideas and thoughts between local and international student.

The half-day event took place in UTAR Sungai Long Campus on 19 January 2020 and offered Japanese cultural performances, sharing sessions as well as workshops on Japanese traditional attire, tea ceremony and bon-odori dance.

The event contributed a total of RM126.15 to the UTAR Hospital.

Samurai-Summer-2.0Samurai Summer 2.0

Samurai Summer 2.0 was organised by Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) on 18 January 2020, at UTAR Kampar Campus.As part of the International Cultural Exchange Programme, the event, held for the second time, aimed to provide students and the public with an experiential day learning about the wonders and culture of Japan.


CNYChinese New Year Festival 2020

UTAR Chinese Language Society organised Chinese New Year Festival and Charity Night 2020 (《曙光》2020慈善新春盛会) at Sungai Long Campus on 17 and 18 January 2020 to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rat. The objectives of the event were to bring the community together and to offer the participants a glimpse into the Chinese culture. It also aimed to raise funds for UTAR Hospital and Chinese Language Society.

The two-day event offered various kinds of celebratory activities that permeated the campus with a festival atmosphere. On 17 January 2020, a range of free Chinese art workshops was held throughout the day at the Multipurpose Hall of Sungai Long Campus, involving Chinese culture and traditional activities such as Chinese calligraphy, handmade Red packet Lion Head, handmade traditional ornaments, paper cutting and many more. The Festival also saw a blowing blossom competition and an exhibition of lantern, designed using ang pau, which showcased the creativity of lantern-makers.

This event contributed a total of RM972.71 to UTAR Hospital.



The Yoga Society of UTAR Sungai Long Campus organised a three-day charity event titled “Smile! Charity Event 2020” at the Multipurpose Hall (MPH) of Sungai Long Campus from 13 January 2020 to 15 January 2020, in accordance to the theme of depression, blindness, limb deformity and HIV that people usually do not bother to discuss.



Donate_1 (Headline)CFS & DSSC Kampar Campus donated RM22,800 and RM4,817.05 respectively


Extracoffeenery-Carnival-2019Extracoffeenery Carnival

DSSC, SJK(C) New Kopisan
The Department of Soft Skills Components (DSSC) Kampar Campus joined hands with SJK(C) New Kopisan’s Board of Management in bringing back the Extracoffeenery Carnival 2019 at SJK(C) New Kopisan on 11 August 2019.


IBC2nd Industrial Business Conference 2019

In line with the growing trend of digitalisation and automation, it has sparked the interest of many organisation locally and globally to be part of the trend. In view of this promising growing industry trend, UTAR organised the 2nd Industrial Business Conference 2019. The conference focused on eCommerce and the use of digital platform among industry players. It was jointly organised by Student Development and Alumni Relations (SDAR), UTAR Alumni Association of Malaysia and UTAR Centre for Computing and Intelligent Systems (CCIS) at Sungai Long Campus from 11 to 12 November 2019.

Themed ‘Social Commerce, O2O, AI, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain: The Next Wave of Digital Revolution’, the conference aimed to expand the knowledge of the participants to leverage on the impact from the advance of technology shaping the eCommerce platform through the insights from the talks presented by the industry experts as well as to seize the opportunity to build networks with the key players from various industries and organisations. The two-day conference featured various talks from the industry experts, forums, sharing session as well as “Single 11.11 Day Mega sale”.

This event contributed a total of RM1058.60 to UTAR Hospital.


Coffee_Art_WorkshopCoffee Art Workshop

Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) in collaboration with Simple Coffee, Kampar organised Coffee Art Workshop on 19 October 2019. A total of 23 participants took part in the workshop. The participants were charged RM25 per person. They had the opportunity to create their own masterpieces while contributing to the UTAR Hospital.

The workshop managed to raise a total of RM305.50 for the UTAR Hospital.

IYLCInternational Young Leaders Conference 2019

The Department of Student Affairs, Department of Soft Skills Competency, Division of Community and International Networking and UTAR Student Representative Council jointly organised the “International Young Leaders Conference 2019” in collaboration with IYLC’s international collaborative partner ENGAGE, sponsored by IOI Group Properties Berhad at UTAR Sungai Long from 25 until 26 October 2019.

The two-day conference saw more than ten speakers from various organisations sharing their expertise on Sustainable Development Goals. Participated universities were UTAR, Universiti Tenaga Malaysia (UNITEN); Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC); Xiamen University Malaysia; Tamkang University, Taiwan; Airlangga University, Indonesia; Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Philippines; University of Sanya, China; and Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

This event contributed a total of RM5,273.09 to UTAR Hospital.


Charity_Musical_Night_Members_NightMembers Night 2019
Music Club, Chinese Orchestra Unit and Choir Unit (Sg Long)

The Members Night 2019, which was part of the Charity Musical Night series, was organised by Music Club, Chinese Orchestra Unit and Choir Unit of Sungai Long Campus on 23 October 2020. This event served as a creative performance platform for students from myriad music backgrounds to gather and share their knowledge and skills while contributing to and supporting a charitable cause. The event attracted a total of 98 participants. All of them were divided into groups for the ice breaking and bonding activities.

The night was then capped off with amazing, memorable performances that were truly enjoyed by everyone. This event contributed a total of RM600 to the UTAR Hospital.

Henna-WorkshopHenna Workshop

A Henna Workshop was organised on 16 October 2019 at UTAR Kampar Campus. The workshop was conducted to promote the traditional Indian arts and raise fund for UTAR Hospital. Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) lecturers had the chance to showcase their craftsmanship. Multiple requests were received ranging from cartoon characters to floral motives.

The workshop successfully generated a total of RM454.53 for the UTAR Hospital.

FBFUH1Goh family donates RM150,000
Goh Family


GBTAM_1UTAR students donate RM29,466.40
PR Campaign 2017/2018: Volunteerism VI


Wise_and_Well_WorkshopWise and Well Workshop

To promote well-being and at the same time raise fund for UTAR Hospital, Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) conducted the Wise and Well Workshop on 13 August 2019 at UTAR Kampar Campus. A plethora of health-related activities which proved to be a hit among staff and students were held. The activities held include Body Mass Analysis, Games and Zumba. The highlight of the workshop was a Zumba workout session, led by an instructor from Kampar, which managed to attract around 70 participants.

The workshop successfully raised RM898.47 for the UTAR Hospital.

Food_CarnivalFood Carnival 2019

Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) organised a Food Carnival from 1 July 2019 to 5 July 2019 to raise fund for UTAR Hospital. Food Carnival aimed to inculcate community spirit among staff and students and to build awareness about UTAR’s social responsibility programmes. A total of 15 booths was rented out to vendors. Among the activities held throughout the carnival were food sales, pre-loved and handmade products, henna and games.  

The Food Carnival was a huge success as it managed to contribute a total of RM8383.75 to UTAR Hospital.

Donation for UTAR HospitalUni Suites donated RM10,000
Uni Suites Kampar


Donation from variouse Club and Scoeity events to UTAR HospitalSRC donated RM45,615.90
SRC 2019/2020


Make-up_Beauty_WorkshopMake-Up Beauty Workshop

Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) organised a Make-Up Beauty Workshop on 18 October 2019. Aptly titled “Be ‘you’ tiful Personal Makeup Workshop”, this workshop was a resounding success as it managed to attract a total of 42 participants within days. The workshop was conducted by the representatives from Mary Kay Cosmetics. In the workshop, participants were taught how to look presentable and professional.

A total of RM1096.30 was successfully raised for the UTAR Hospital.

Go_As_OneMerdeka Fiesta (Go as ONE 2019)

Merdeka Go As One Fiesta was held on 2 August 2019 at UTAR Sungai Long Campus. The fiesta was held in conjunction with Merdeka Day 2019 celebration. It was organised by the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) of Sungai Long Campus in collaboration with Asia Pacific University (APU) of Technology and Innovation, UTAR academic faculties, clubs and societies. It was supported by the Ministry of Education (MoE) Malaysia. The fiesta was open to UTAR students, staff and the public.

The event contributed a total of RM765.94 to UTAR Hospital.



Ignite 2019 was organised by the Music Club of UTAR Kampar Campus on 13 July 2019 at Dewan Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, UTAR Kampar Campus. The objective of the event was to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and raise fund for UTAR Hospital. The event was a joint effort by the Music Club divisions, namely the Chinese Orchestra unit and UTAR Philharmonic Orchestra unit.

Apart from the orchestra performance, the event also invited UTAR Dance Club to perform a street dance and Voice of UTAR for a choir performance. Moreover, two students from Westlake international school were also present at the event. The event contributed a total of RM5,460.54 for UTAR Hospital.

CLSChinese Language Society of Kampar Campus celebrates 10th anniversary

The 10th anniversary celebration of Chinese Cultural Night 2019 was organised by the Chinese Language Society of UTAR Kampar Campus on 29 June 2019 at Dewan Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik. The objective of the event was to introduce the Chinese culture, history and folklore to audiences as well as to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Chinese Language Society of Kampar Campus.

More than 2,500 audiences participated in the event. Also present was guest of honour State Tourism Art and Culture Executive Chairman YB Tan Kar Hing.

The event contributed a total of RM6,000 to UTAR Hospital along with other contributions, namely RM2,000 to Beautiful Gate of Kampar and RM2,000 to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim Jaz.

Rhythm in the EstellaUTAR Ball 2019

SRC-Kampar Campus 2019/2020


medical_weekCharity Stage Drama Night 2019

The Medical and Health Science Society together with Physiotherapy society and Traditional and Chinese Medicine Society organised the Medical Week 2.0 from 21 until 22 June 2019. Themed ‘Healthy Living’, the event aimed to provide multidisciplinary healthcare services to the society with its slogan “Public Health We Care, Community We Serve”.

Throughout the two-day event, Medical Week 2.0 provided medical and healthcare services such as counselling health screening, general health advice, internal medicine, acupuncture, Tui-na, skin examination, postural assessment, body composition, queen college step test, chair aerobics, body mass index (BMI) assessment, blood pressure measurement, electrocardiography (ECG), blood glucose measurement, nutrition and diet education to the community. The medical week also included talks and an exhibition to promote and create awareness of health conditions and ways to avoid diseases.

This event contributed a total of RM2,526.35 to UTAR Hospital.


Charity_stage_drama_night_2019Charity Stage Drama Night 2019

The Charity Stage Drama Night 2019, organised by Chinese Language Society (Sungai Long Campus), was a creative stage drama produced by the students. It featured the importance of family, culture and moral values. The values were expressed through a drama which highlighted the difficulties and challenges faced by three different family members and how they overcame it hand in hand with the family.

The event, which was held on 2 June 2019, attracted more than 600 students as well as the public. This event contributed a total of RM2,000 to the UTAR Hospital.


The sale of T-shirts was launched on 17 April 2019 by Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) to raise fund for UTAR Hospital. The simple yet elegant T-shirt, made of microfiber with gold printing, was designed and sold at RM30.00 per piece.

A total of 150 T-shirts was successfully sold which contributed RM3098.75 to UTAR Hospital.

Westlake International SchoolWestlake International School donates RM31,200


Postcard“From UTAR with Love” – Postcard Dedication

Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) launched postcard sales - “From UTAR with Love” to support fundraising project from 27 to 31 May 2019 at the foyer of Block D. Apart from raising funds for UTAR Hospital, the event also encouraged staff and students to show appreciation to their colleagues, friend and family by penning messages on the postcards and dedicating it to their colleagues, friends and family.  The postcards were printed with various designs of UTAR sceneries and were sold at RM10.00 per piece.  

The event contributed a total of RM2127.65 for UTAR Hospital.

Art-and-Cultural-performance-Tg-tualang-pageArt and Cultural Performance Night at Tg Tualang

The Cultural Performance was conducted by a group students from MPU 34022 Art and Cultural performance course. It was held in Tg Tualang new village on 23 March 2019. The surplus was partially donated to UTAR Hospital Project.

拉曼大学文化之夜 UTAR Culture SoireeIQ Guessing Games

Centre for Foundation Studies (Kampar Campus) (CFS-KPR) organised an activity named IQ Guessing Games from 4 March to 29 April 2019 at the foyer of Block D. The activity was open to all UTAR community. The participants were required to guess the number of cans in the box and submit their entries with answers to CFS-KPR Faculty of General Office. The IQ Guessing Games had brought much fun to the participants apart from contributing to the charity.

The event contributed a total of RM3369.42 to UTAR Hospital.

charity run

Charity Run for UTAR Hospital Project 2019


'Green mind, Green Life''Green mind, Green Life'

valentine“Love is in the Air” – Valentine’s Day Flower Sales

Samurai-SummerSamurai Summer


Extracoffeenery Carnival 2018Extracoffeenery Carnival 2018

Speakers-Corner-CompetitionSpeakers' Corner Competition

Sport-Carnival-Tg-TualangSport Festival @ Tg Tualang

拉曼大学文化之夜 UTAR Culture Soiree拉曼大学文化之夜
UTAR Culture Soiree

International Cultural Night