Hi, We are Students from group Green Vege that are taking the course Leadership and Teambuilding (MPU34152). We are planning to organized a Virtual Chess Competition which are supported by Department of Soft Skill Competency.

The details are below:

Event: Virtual Chess Competition Registration
Period: 1st-12th March
Event Date: 13th March
Time: 10am-3am
Platform: Lichess & Discord

The objective of this event is to raise funds for Utar hospital but the event is free to join to all Utarians that are interested in playing chess and making new friends. A donation link will be provide during the event for those who wanted to donate. Participants of this event will be awarded with 5 USSDC points and the winner will received 10 USSDC points.

This is the registration link: https://forms.gle/v2DXvqqxuL3VQEL49

For more information can contact the numbers below:
Kalaiyarasie a/p Pandian – 010-8095372
Chew Yip Hong – 010-9311362