Greetings from Department of Civil Engineering, UTAR Sungai Long campus.    

Engineers who work in/with the construction field have many opportunities to get exposed to different kinds of building and infrastructure development in certain areas. Hence, it can be an opportunity for us to make use of these kinds of information and our knowledge in attaining our financial freedom. However, it is important to have a proper financial blueprint and execution steps in accumulating the required wealth through investing in good property in order to minimize the risk of investment failure.   This seminar supports the construction of UTAR Hospital in Kampar and hence your registration fee of this event is donated to UTAR Hospital Project. More donation amounts are welcome & donors will be issued an official receipt for the sum contributed pursuant to Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967 for tax exemptions. Come and join our seminar to learn the roadmap towards financial freedom with property investment before retirement. Meanwhile, your kind support in providing a better healthcare system and creates a well-being to the community in near future is truly appreciated.  

Title: UTAR Hospital Fundraising Project: Workshop on The Millionaire Roadmap to Financial Freedom with Property Investment 
Date: 7 August 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 1.00pm – 5.00 pm
Platform: Microsoft Team Webinar

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Registration will close on: 5 August 2021, 5 pm

This webinar will be covering:
·  How to design your financial blueprint
·  Why use property as the investment vehicle
·  How property make money for us
·  The top 5 criteria for a good property

Speaker Profile: Ir. Ts. Dr. Kwong Kok Zee is a professional engineer, lecturer as well as a property entrepreneur. He has learned from few international world-class mentors namely Anthony Robbins (USA), Li Jian (China), Yuan Guo Shun (China), Coach John (Taiwan), Dr Bernard Yeo (Singapore), Dominic Tay (Singapore), Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Professor Dr. Fng Ah Seng (Malaysia), Dato Sri’ Adrian Wee (Malaysia), Michael Tan (Malaysia) and many more. He first started his investment journey at the age of 28 by buying properties from sub-sale market and make hundreds of thousand from it. Through his knowledge and experience, he has accumulated over RM 10 million worth of property in 5 years with his team and the numbers are still counting. As passionate that he has for the investment and entrepreneurial spirit to help the community, he now plans to give back to society by spreading his knowledge about the financial mind-set, investment strategy and encourage young people to build their own financial freedom blueprint to achieve their dreams.

For enquiries regarding the workshop and registration, please contact: Name: Dr. Chin Ren Jie Email: