We are students from MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project, and we here are excited to announce that our events include selling TOWELS AND HANDMADE SOAP which are from HOUSE OF JOY. Part of our profit will be donated to UTAR hospital to support the UTAR Hospital Fundraising Activities.

For who are interested, please contact: Mr Khoo Li Yong (018-7814588) for more information.

Postage Delivery: Postage fee would be charged (RM7.40 for West Malaysia; RM13 for East Malaysia).

Next, it is our pleasure to introduce you about HOUSE OF JOY. We’d love to invite you to give some support in term of DONATION or help HOUSE OF JOY as a VOLUNTEER especially during this pandemic.

Please make your DONATION to the following bank account:
Name of Recipient: Joy To The World Community Service
Name of Bank: Hong Leong Bank
Bank Account No.: 05700061502

If you’d like to help HOUSE OF JOY as a VOLUNTEER, please contact: Ms. Lesley (019-3392847) to discuss how you can get involved to help HOUSE OF JOY.

For more information about HOUSE OF JOY, please visit our Facebook page: 

There is also an upcoming event of HOUSE OF JOY of selling fresh vegetables which are from Cameron Highlands.

Please refer to the poster attached OR contact Ms. Lesley (019-3392847) for more information about the upcoming event.

Thank you so much for your support.

Warm Regards,
Students from MPU34012 Social Entrepreneurship Project
Supported by Department of Soft Skills Competency