We are currently selling our originally designed t-shirt alongside other items to collect funds for our UTAR Hospital. You know what? 100% of the profit from this event will be contributed to UTAR Hospital. Yes! It is 100%. It is a good chance for us to become part of the contributors for UTAR Hospital. What we have for you are: 

1.     Ala carte t-shirt – RM 35
2.     Set 1 (t-shirt with a pack of 10s colourful mask with different colours) – RM 37
3.     Set 2 (t-shirt with a pack of 10s masks with limited edition design) – RM 40
4.     Set 3 (t-shirt with a snack box which consists of 5 different snacks that are halal certified) – RM 37

*(you may check the picture attached below)

Order Period: 19 July – 29 August 2021

Are you interested to buy? I got you. What you need to do is …:

Step 1: Make the payment to the following account and snap the transaction as your proof of payment.                     
MayBank: 158314219235 (Jenniffer Lai Suet Peng)

Step 2: Fill up your information required in the Google form by logging in with your UTAR email or personal email.
For UTAR email:
For personal email:

Step 3: Select the set you want and the collection methods.              
There are three collection methods available for purchasers :
1.     Postage delivery (Free Shipping to Peninsular Malaysia, additional RM 5 is required for shipping fees to East Malaysia)
2.     Self-collection – at FBF/FGO counter, UTAR Kampar Campus (limited to UTAR staff and students only)
3.     Self-collection – Within Kampar area (Further arrangement will be made by logistic team)

*(If you have more than one set you want to order, please select “Yes” at this part. Otherwise, select “No”)  

Step 4: Upload your receipt at the end of the Google form.

Step 5: Hurray! You have successfully become one of the contributors of funds to UTAR Hospital! Please be patient. We will process your order immediately once the pre-order is closed (29/8/2021) and you will be able to receive your love gift soon!

Thank you for your support and contribution to UTAR Hospital!  

Anyhow, we really appreciate you for your time. And here, I on behalf of my society hope you to stay safe, stay strong, and stay happy forever. I am glad you are here. See you!  

If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us:  
Email: Ms. Lee (             Mr. Khoo (  
Phone:  016-550 3039 (Ms. Lee)               016-448 4099 (Mr. Khoo)    

Organized by: Logistics and International Shipping Society, UTAR Kampar