UTAR was established as a not-for-profit University with the donation from philanthropists, benefactors, and the public. Hence, this hospital will also operate as a not-for-profit hospital and will be self-sustaining. The hospital will offer affordable and quality basic and specialist medical services to the general public. In addition, the hospital project will include facilities for out-patient and in-patient treatments, diagnostics and treatments, medical and non-medical support, research and education, and staff, student and administrative centres. Therefore, your valued support and generous contribution for this hospital project will greatly benefit the medical and health science students, the community and the nation. Such a meaningful project needs strong support and contribution from all parties.

As part of the effort to raise funds for the hospital project, the ‘Mid-Autumn Charity Sales for UTAR Hospital’ event will be organised. The fundraising project is a joint effort by UTAR Chancellery, Department of Alumni Relations & Placement, Department of Student Affairs, Department of Soft Skills Competency, Department of International Student Services and UTAR Alumni Associations, jointly organised.

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TOGETHER, we build the hospital, for the community and the nation!

Every Mooncake Counts!  
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‘Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.’ ― Ben Carson

Thank you.

UTAR Mid-Autumn Charity Sale Committees.