UTAR Hospital Video

UTAR Hospital Video (Chinese Version)

UTAR T&CM Centre

UTAR established its M Kandiah Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MK FMHS) in 2009 to educate and train medical students to provide quality healthcare services. As part of its progressive development, the University is now setting-up a hospital in its Kampar Campus that will offer quality and affordable medical and health services in both Western Medicine and Traditional and Complementary Medicine including Chinese, Ayurvedic and Traditional Malay Medicine. The hospital will also provide clinical training for the MK FMHS MBBS, TCM and Health Science students. 
The hospital will consist of an initial phase of 250 beds for Western Medicine and 100 beds for TCM and a future phase of additional 250 beds. There will be facilities for out-patient and in-patient treatment, diagnostics and treatment, medical and non-medical support, research and education, and administrative centres.