Dear all warm-hearted UTARians,

Unovate Centre invites you to be part of the supporters of UTAR Hospital Initiative through the idotshirt fundraising campaign

At UTAR Hospital, we believe every heart filled with hope can make a difference as HOPE is the one thing that can help one get through the darkest of times. Hence, your support is a symbol of HOPE, a symbol of LIGHT for us and so many.

With a contribution of RM129 only, you will receive:

1. A premium quality idotshirt

-Limted Edition
-Made of 95% cotton + 5% PU (polyurethane fabrics)
-Available in 3 colours
-Size: XS – XXL

2. A premium quality cloth facemask – FREE

3. An appreciation card from UTAR – FREE

Now you can contribute to UTAR Hospital Fund through the below steps:

1. Visit:

2. Click [Donate Now]

3. Click [Add to Cart] after choosing your preferred colour and size

4. Click [Check Out] to place the order.