Logo and T-Shirt Design Competition 2020 is an online event organised by the UTAR Physiotherapy Society. Every UTAR Physiotherapy student is welcomed to participate by submitting their self-created logo and t-shirt design to the person-in-charge through email from 12 October to 2 November 2020. The event is held with the intention to obtain a brand-new logo and t-shirt for the Physiotherapy Society members, which would enhance the image of UTAR Department of Physiotherapy as a dynamic and evolving sector. Besides, this event also intends to create an environment for the seniors and freshmen to mix and mingle as well as building their social network.  

The best logo and t-shirt design will be selected by the Physiotherapy students via voting on UTAR Physiotherapy Students Network Facebook Page. The best logo and t-shirt design will then be used as the society’s official logo and t-shirt. The two selected winners will be awarded cash prizes. Moreover, the best t-shirt design will be printed and sold to Physiotherapy students. All the profit received from selling the t-shirt will be donated to UTAR Hospital.