UTAR T&CM Centre welcoming delegates from FGS and BLIA

With the aim of raising funds for UTAR Hospital, UTAR in collaboration with Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Malaysia and Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Central Malaysia Chapter (国际佛光会中马协会) officially launched “My Earth, My Home, Future & Hope Tree Adoption Programme 2022” (2022年环保与心保·地球是我家未来与希望植树活动). The UTAR Hospital Fundraising-cum-mock cheque presentation ceremony was held on 25 June 2022 at UTAR T&CM Centre.

Present at the launch were FGS Chief Abbess for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia Venerable Jue Cheng, BLIA Central Malaysia Chapter President Datin Sri Yong Chou Lian, UTAR President Ir Prof Dr Ewe Hong Tat, UTAR Council Member Mr Hew Fen Yee, UTAR Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relations Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong, UTAR Faculty of Science Dean Assoc Prof Dr Lim Tuck Meng, Director of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Centre of UTAR Hospital Assoc Prof Dr Te Kian Keong, esteemed guests from FGS and BLIA, UTAR Hospital staff and UTAR staff. The ceremony was attended by more than 160 members from FGS and BLIA.

Prof Ewe thanking FGS and BLIA for their great support and donations to UTAR Hospital

In his welcome remarks, Prof Ewe said, “On behalf of the University, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Malaysia and Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) Central Malaysia Chapter for organising this meaningful tree adoption programme. You have also adopted 133 trees and donated RM133,000 to the UTAR Hospital project.”

“As the famous Chinese saying goes, ‘the predecessors planted trees, and the later generations enjoyed the shade’ (前人种树,后人乘凉), today’s event is very apt to this famous saying. FGS and BLIA have donated kindness and support to UTAR Hospital through tree adoption. All the good deeds you have planted today will bear fruit in the future, benefiting future generations as well as helping many patients to receive treatment. Apart from contributing to the greening and sustainable development of the environment, the tree adoption and donation will also greatly help UTAR Hospital to realise the vision of ‘cultivating talents and benefiting the people’,” he added. He also gave a brief introduction on T&CM Centre and explained the current progress of the UTAR Hospital project.

Ven Jue Cheng wishing the hospital to be completed soon so that Malaysians can benefit from it

The ceremony also witnessed the presentation of a mock cheque for the Tree Adoption Programme.

Ven Jue Cheng revealed, “After knowing about the establishment of UTAR Hospital, Fo Guang Shan responded immediately by donating a fund of RM100,000. However, building hospital costs a lot. Even though we are now donating another RM133,000, the amount is still far from enough. We hope that we can raise more to help the hospital to be completed as soon as possible. Moreover, the UTAR Hospital which integrates Chinese and Western medicines can benefit all people in Malaysia. At the same time, it is also portrays the best example of muhibbah in Malaysia. The hospital services do not discriminate between races, and we believe the completion of UTAR Hospital will be a blessing for Malaysians. The public should come forward to support so that people in need could benefit from it.” She also thanked all the FGS and BLIA members for their support and appealed to all for their continued support to the UTAR Hospital.

Prof Ewe (third from right), who is accompanied by Mr Hew (second from right) and Dr Lim (far right), receiving the donation from FGS and BLIA
UTAR, FGS and BLIA members with participants after the mock cheque presentation ceremony
Ven Jue Cheng (eighth from left) representing FGS and BLIA to present a token of appreciation and plants to UTAR

A hospital tour was conducted for the FGS and BLIA members by Prof Ewe and UTAR Hospital staff after the ceremony.

Ven Jue Cheng (far left) with UTAR staff during the hospital tour, led by Prof Ewe (far right)

In line with the “My Earth, My Home, Future & Hope Tree Adoption Programme 2022”, implemented by the Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA), BLIA Central Malaysia Chapter decided to support the tree adoption programme for UTAR Hospital, so that it could contribute to the community and nation, and convey the concept of green environment to the public.

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