Anesthesiology is the area of medicine devoted to the administration of anesthetics to prevent or control pain during and after surgical procedures.

Anesthesiologists, doctors trained in anesthesia and preoperative medicine, ensure that the administration of anesthesia is conducted in a safe and secure manner. This includes preoperative evaluation, consultation with the surgical team and creating a plan for the anesthesia tailored to fit each unique individual patient, the provision of pain control and proper post-operative management of patients.

Anesthesiologists are fully trained medical doctors who specialize in the field of concocting and administering Anesthesia. Their work also extends before and after the operation in terms of pre- and post-surgical patient care. During surgery, the anesthesiologist monitors the patient’s vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature among other vital signs. After successful surgery, anesthesiologist oversee the patient’s recovery and manages their pain as they awaken.