Tower of Light's simple lines belie the craftsmanship that has been seamlessly woven into this 18-storey purpose built building.



It is a monument that aspires to convey the message of its eternity, and its massiveness to create an impression of permanence.

Monumentality of architecture anchors people socially and promotes a feeling of community.


Each floor in Tower of Light is a distinctive picture-framed space, allowing ever changing natural lighting, while embracing the conversations of life.

Generously crafted balconies on each floor house beautiful sky gardens, as sanctuaries for calming and healing.

I do not believe architecture has to speak too much. It should remain silent and let nature in the guise of sunlight and wind.

Tadao Ando


Generous communal spaces are holistically planned, taking into consideration the functions to be served, uncompromising in its aesthetics. Integrated space planning enables intuitive way-finding and immersive experience when one moves around the Tower of Light.

The overall space planning replicates traditional tomb sweeping experience but in the comfort of indoor environment, anytime of the year.

Communal Spaces

  • L14 - Life Care Centre
  • L3 - Worship Area
  • L2 - Temple of Light & Fu De Ci (Da Bo Gong)
  • L1 - Multipurpose Hall, Private Function Rooms
  • G - Foyer, Reception, Cafe, Auditorium
  • LG1 - Inurnment Hall