Madam Kok Poh Ping  郭寳萍女士

Kok Poh Ping 郭宝萍
生于 1941 年 6 月 13 日,卒于 2021 年 12 月 20 日

A life lived.
她的一生, Passed through, God’s green earth 走在神的道上,
and returned into the everlasting arms of the Heavenly Father.

She was a child. 她幼年时,
Surrounded by siblings galore. 被众多兄弟姐妹围绕着, three mothers, 有生母、庶母、妾母三位,
A migrant father,及一位从中国南来的老爸,
hailing from Sungai Siput, 定居怡保和丰,
made wealthy by rubber. 靠橡胶业白手起家。

She was a teenager. 她少女时,
well groomed and shapely, 仪容端庄且身材窈窕, carefree and pretty. 天真烂漫又天生丽质,
Her bicycle may rust but perfect hair is a must. 戒奢宁俭却云鬟雾鬓。

She was a wife. 她为人妻时,
Her husband a civil engineer, 丈夫是土木工程师,
in PJ laid the future, for worse or for better. 一起在八打灵再也打拼, 夫妻同舟共济;

Ipoh , Perak was never too far , through Bidor, Tapah and Kampar. 又在霹雳州内奔波于怡保、美罗、打巴和金宝之间。
Behind every successful man is a woman so they say, for her it was that way.
俗话说得好:“每个成功的男人背后都站着一个伟大的女人。” 正是对她的最佳诠释。

So a founder of IJM
Her husband did become. 就在她的默默扶持下, 丈夫创立了IJM。

She was a mother. 她为人母时,
Making cookies and bread, mihun kwei and laksa, work and ‘pergi pasar’.
擅于烘焙饼干、面包, 勤于烹煮面粉糕、叻沙,善于分配去巴刹和上班的时间。

A home filled with girls. with her nurture we grow,through the highs and the lows.
掌上明珠,在她的陪伴下成长, 共同走过高山低谷。

She was a teacher. 她为人师时,
Many remember this cikgu, of Sultan Alam Shah Primary School.

She was always down to earth, drama or no drama.
她总是脚踏实地, 无论大事或小事。

Old students with children of their own would bump into her,and reminisce -how time has flown!
当毕业多年的学生带着家眷与她偶遇, 总会有一番回忆——感叹时光的飞逝!

She was a grandmother. 她为人祖母时,
There to cuddle the babies, to give them treats, to hand out the angpows.
怀抱着小孙儿, 无限的宠爱, 无数的红包。

With grace and dignity, she made it to eighty. Saw her first grandchild’s wedding, with thankfulness and rejoicing.
带着优雅和尊严, 她活到八十岁, 目睹长孙的婚礼, 满怀感恩和喜悦。

She was blessed. 她是有福的,

A loving mother and a devoted wife, a fun-loving lady in her youth, a brave grandmother.
一位慈母和贤妻, 年轻时活泼热情, 年长时勇敢坚强;

She has experienced happiness, sadness, disappointments, grief and loss.
历经快乐和悲伤, 失望、哀痛和失落。

As a widow she struggled to keep on going, faced with illness and a cancer diagnosis with ensuing treatments.

She was sometimes submerged in her anxieties, paralysed in her sadness but many times she revived for our encouragement, sparked into burning passion of care and love for her children and grandchildren.
偶尔她沉溺在焦虑中, 或在悲伤中无法自拔,但多次为鼓舞家人而重新振作, 为了孩子和孙子,重燃关爱的激情。

In her memory,
we her family would like to bid all who pass through this ward, wise and appropriate medical care, comfort in suffering, rest and restoration for the soul, and strength and courage to journey through life as she had.
为记念她,我们——她的家人, 愿所有穿过这个病房的人士, 获得明智且适切的医疗,在痛苦中得受安慰, 心灵得享安宁与更新, 又充满力量与勇气,跨越人生旅程,就像她一样