Obstetrics and gynaecology are two surgical medical specialties dealing with female reproductive health and organs in pregnant (obstetrics) and non-pregnant (gynaecology) women.

O&G specialists cover both areas of specialties including childbirth and delivery, as well as women’s general health of the female reproductive system.

Prenatal and maternity services

  • Pre-conception care and pregnancy diagnosis

  • Routine antenatal screening programme

  • External cephalic version

  • Specialised investigations

  • Cardiotocography

  • Ultrasound scanning/Fetal medicine

  • Epidural anaesthesia

  • Parentcraft classes

  • Antenatal care

For expectant mothers and their developing babies, antenatal care consists of medical and midwifery attention. Good antenatal care allows for the mother to care for herself as well as her unborn or newborn child. Medical advice, good nutrition as well as exercise, rest, and avoiding unwanted risks advocate for a successful pregnancy.