Warmest greetings! It is the day for <A Week, A Herbs Series> and for the herbs that we will be introducing this week is Panacis Quinquefolii Radix, which also known as “Xi Yang Shen" in Chinese.

The function of Panacis Quinquefolii Radix is to establish the Qi supplements in our body and also helps in “Yin” nourishment. Thus, it helps in clearing the heat and generating fluids in our body. For the herbal prescription that used Panacis Quinquefolii Radix is Qing Shu Yi Qing Tang mentioned in <Wen Re Jing Wei>.

Also, we don’t encourage self-medication and it is always advisable to consult a certified TCM practitioner for such medication or visit the practitioners at UTAR T&CM centre for more information!