The herb that we will be introducing this week is Astragali Radix.

Astragali Radix also known as Astragalus Propinquus and "Huang Qi" in Chinese. Under the function of Astragali Radix, it helps in establishing the Qi supplements in our body and hence, improves our body's blood nourishment and helps in solidifying cysts and expelling the pus.
Together with the other herbs, it will bring out different effects as well, such as Middle-Tonifying Qi-Replenishing Decoction mentioned in <Treatise on Pi and Stomach> or Returning to Pi Decoction mentioned in <Ji Sheng Fang> and so on.
Also, we don’t encourage self-medication and it is always advisable to consult a certified TCM practitioner for such medication or visit the practitioners at UTAR T&CM centre for more information!