99 Speed Mart S/B


99 Speedmart® is a rapidly growing chain of refreshing mini-markets (mini supermarkets) that meets multiracial consumer’s needs for groceries and services, offering unbeatable value and absolute convenience!

Our company logo reflects our identity as a retail company with “99” resembling the shape of a shopping trolley and “Speedmart” reflecting our commitment to focus on delivering quality goods and good customer service.

Our name is a promise to our customers that we will strive for perfection and efficiency, ensuring that our customers can shop in an environment that is accessible and welcoming.


To keep up with our image as one of Malaysia’s market leaders in the retail groceries sector, we aim to fulfill our customer’s needs by providing a wide range of daily use products in our concept-oriented mini markets by working together with our suppliers.

As we continue to expand our business, we are able to achieve optimum economies of scale that is fully supported by our vast network of distribution centres and advanced logistics system to complement our outlets, resulting in an increase in economic efficiency and reduced costs.

By incorporating both elements of saving time and money of customers, 99 Speedmart is truly NEAR n’ SAVE.